Mátra Mountain Bike Maraton 2020 is cancelled!

Under the current circumstances we are not able to host Mátra MTB Maraton as well as we used to, so unfortunately, we have to cancel the event this year.

As organisers, we had to make a tough and responsible decision. Mátra Mountain Bike Maraton came a long way since its first edition 19 years ago, and our team worked really hard all these years to ensure the best background for both the national and international riders. The race calendar became very crowded with all the postpones, and so did our tasks. Especially the new date of our main event - Tour de Hongrie UCI 2.1 – made it impossible, to host another big event in the beginning of September. Unfortunately changing the date of our MTB race is not an option. Because of the governmanetal regulations regarding Covid-19 epidemic, big events are not allowed before 15th of August. After the middle of September is not right as well, because of the local hunting season. We also had to take into consideration, that the last one-third of this race calendar became really challenging for the cycling teams and riders too.

Of course for those who already paid the entry fee, we will refund it during June. In case you do not receive the amount back until the 30th of June, please write us to nevezes@vuelta.hu.

Next year, we will come back stronger, and do our bests to provide an amazing experience for all of you. See you in 2021, and until then: stay safe, and take care.

Károly Eisenkrammer, and the organisers of Vuelta Sport Office

Mátra Moutain Bike Marathon
UCI C3 -  Olympic qualification race

Mátraszentistván, Hungary
47.55'2109, 19.52'2922


Race on 4 routes:

 - Marathon: 91 km

 - Medium: 61km  

- Short: 43 km

- Mini: 19 km


The Feeding Zones are the following:

· Feeding zone #1: MAP>>> (Short, Medium, Marathon) – not accessible by car

· Feeding zone #2: MAP >>> (Marathon) – accessible by car -

· Feeding zone #3: MAP>>>  (Marathon) – accessible by car

· Feeding zone #4: MAP>>> (Short, Medium, Marathon) – not accessible by car

· Feeding zone #5: MAP>>> (Short, Medium, Marathon) – accessible by car

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